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KOREAN Restaurant & Food Truck

at 1244Main St, Springfield MA  Across from Mass Mutual Convention Center


Sun Kim Bop  started with a Korean immigrant’s nostalgia for her motherland’s cuisine. Determined to deliver the essence of Korea’s famous street and picnic food whilst not compromising her stance on the pursuit of healthy life style, Sun experimented with rice buns and kimchi, which she now proudly presents to the town of Amherst and now city of Springfield as Bop Burger. Bop Burger’s crunchy yet soft rice buns are treats themselves, and the explosion of flavors in the traditionally marinated meat has already started a band of loyal followers. Its ambitious sister, Bibimbop Burger, is a healthier alternative with a delicious assortment of garden vegetables found in Korea’s pride Bibim Bop. And of course, no Korean picnic is complete without Kim Bop and the chef’s creative twists like Kimchi Tacos and Korean BBQ wraps.

Sun’s commitment to stay true to the spirit of street food made the food truck as a natural choice for the venue, bringing affordable snacks to students and townspeople. Poking her head out of her orange Sun Kim Bop truck a thousand times a day, she enjoys being part of the community and hearing her costumers exclaim how much they enjoy her food or what is more desired. Her culinary curiosity has only begun, and she hopes to bring more mouth-watering dishes for many years to come and to add longer inventory of Bop Burger such as Vegetarian Tofu Burger. At last in 2017 Sun starts her new journey by opening the first restaurant Sun Kim Bop at the very downtown Springfield near City Hall , Mass Mutual Convention Center and Casino, 1244 Main Street, Springfield MA.

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